To detect whether you have fallen into a rut or not, you need to first revise what is a rut to begin with. This is how I define it (chucking the dictionary, keeping my eyes on my life tracks):

When you do something day in and day out without knowing why you are doing it or being excited about it, you should know you have fallen into a rut.


Falling into a rut is the most easy thing – simply because it really is the most easy thing. It is far easier to walk on a mettled road rather than to walk in the growing weeds and wild grass. Then why would we want to not walk on the mettled road? Because the mettled road probably goes somewhere we don’t want to go. If it did go where we wanted to do, we would be excited about it. It might be smooth and nice, and may have been a good path for where we wanted to get to once, but its destination is no longer coinciding with our destination. Once you know that you are in the rut, the next issue at hand is – how to get out of it? The switch is very simple. Sit back and think about how you fell into the rut to begin with. What moved you to do that? Was it laziness? Was it the best option at that time? Is it still the best option?

Sometimes, we may feel that we have fallen into a rut not just because the actions in our daily lives are the same, but because we have forgotten why we are taking those action in the first place. What was the logical (or illogical) reason that made us choose these actions in the first place? To get out of the rut, we can make piecemeal changes, either in our actions or in our choices or in our basic understanding of what we want. Whatever simplifies things and aligns with our purpose in life, will get us out of the rut. Walking in a rut is like being in a brain freeze for an extended period of time. It vaccuums out the room in our lives that would let us dabble into our creative side. It is a potential threat to all our creative endeavours. Needs to be done away with, asap. Call me preachy, but I have never found a good reason for tolerating my own ruts. They have never brought any great gifts into my life. They have only eaten into my already existing resources! It would be downright wrong of me to support the idea of ruts taking over our lives in the meanest possible way!

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