Many people find that hard to believe. They find it hard to accept that they can be creative. Or their best friend can be creative. How can that be? He is the simplest and most sincere programming guy they know.

The truth still is, that everyone is creative.

But this is not something that can find a place in everyone’s hearts until they themselves feel that it is true. For anyone to trust something, their own hearts and minds need to be convinced about it. And unless you are convinced about something, you will not do anything in that direction in life.

How can you think about doing something creative if you don’t even believe that you are creative?

So, let’s play a small game. A short exercise. You can do this in your break in your office hours perhaps! Whenever you are feeling bored or want a mental break from something.

This is what you have to do:

Make a list of atleast five things you do everyday, which you think are creative.

And remember that “creative” does not mean artistic. It just means your unique expression in life. It can be in any form, in any manner, in any dimension or area of life.

This might be a bit difficult at first. But stay with the question. Don’t give up in five minutes. Stay with the question the whole day. Scan your daily activities. What are the things you do everyday? Bring more awareness into your small and big actions in a day.

Then write this down.

Do this everyday, for a week. Keep adding new things you find to this list. Don’t close it after you find five things. That is just to get you started. Be at it.

After a few days, you will be surprised at how many things you find.

Share your experience with the exercise in the comments! We would love to hear back.

You can also send your list of things with a fun photo of you to [email protected]

We will publish it on the website!

Flickr Photo by Mutiara Karina

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