Is laziness getting to you? Ever wondered why?

What is laziness? Put simply, laziness is the unwillingness to act. Not just the lack of willingness, it is the unwillingness to act.

And it is also the beginning of the end of creativity.

Allowing small parts of laziness in our schedules means allowing creativity to take a backseat in those parts of our schedule. Creativity cannot happen without action. It is not just the bubbling of ideas in someone’s mind, but also the execution of those ideas, thoughts, inspiration and brainwaves. Ideas are the seeds. Unless you nourish them by acting on them, nothing is ever going to happen. They will be as good as dead.

And that is why it is important to know why you feel lazy. Most people take it for granted. They think they just are lazy. But if you think about it, no one is born lazy. At some point of time in our lives, we lose the will to act. for some reason. If we can address this “reason” of why we lost our will to act, we can definitely put a check on the laziness.

The reason can be anything. It can be some ideas about what “payoffs” you get when you are lazy, it can be that you don’t find a good enough reason or motivation to act, or because you have lost the desire to act altogether because something in your life dint go the way you wanted it to. Or it can be something else. What it is, you need to find out for yourself. But feeling lazy is a phenomenon that doesn’t happen without a reason.

The modern day society usually sees laziness as an antidote to the busy schedules of daily life. But nothing could be farther from the reality. If laziness is the unwillingness to act, then it reduces your motivation and desire to do something about your daily schedule even more! Laziness binds you to your daily routine more and more. It makes you mindlessly drag along from one day to another without giving much thought to the value your routine is adding to you.

It takes a fair amount of clarity that laziness kills creativity, and you want to stop being lazy to actually stop being lazy. No amount of talk or words can make you stop being lazy unless you yourself realize what you lose by being lazy – what are the things that matter to you in life that you lose by being lazy. Creativity might just be one of them.

Finding out the reason of why we started being lazy is the first step towards ending it.


Photo by Arti Agarwal

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