After working on laptops, tablets, smartphones and the entire plethora of devices of that category for a longish period of time, the brain refuses to intake any more information or give any meaningful output.

Yet, many a time, it is practically not possible to go on the break or walk or hike or vacation we’d rather go to.

Some of these cool websites come to the rescue for the mind trapped in the box of the handheld devices and large and small screens.

This is a compilation of five websites which aid your thinking process, eliminate your boredom, or just help you organize your ideas

#1 play-dot-to

This website is an online game of connecting the dots to achieve the form of  fish. Though it seems easy at first sight, it requires a little offbeat thinking.


#2 Coffitivity

This website plays some background sounds that are typically heard in coffee shops, to activate your creative brain cells. Scientific studies have shown that the soft background sounds heard in public places like coffee shops aid in thinking creatively, as opposed to silent spaces and noisy spaces.


 #3 Aspireboard

This is a website where you can easily take snapshots of items and organize them according to tags. Very useful as a moodboard or if you just need to offload all the cluttering ideas from your mind and see them in a neat visual manner.


#4 Literary Jukebox

This is a website which plays songs that match some literary text thematically. A good one for the music lovers and book lovers alike, or if you just need a change of mental environs.


#5 Medium

It’s not long, it’s not short. It’s medium.

A collection of writings on varied subjects, presented in an easy to read uncluttered format, and even easier to share (tweet). Typically, each post has a reading time with it, so you can decide if you want to read it or not.


Do you know of any other interesting websites? Share with us in the comments below!

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