Because of the utilitarian value attached to every nitty gritty detail of our lives, we lose the idea of doing things without a reason. (Yes, I know that we are not supposed to start a sentence with a conjunction, but I just think it sounds better this way. I never agreed with that rule anyway)

Why does everything have to carry value? If we do something that doesn’t carry value, does that make us any less valuable? Since when did human beings start getting defined by what they produce, rather than who they are? Or is it because we write an equation that calculates the number of zeros that will increase¬†in our bank accounts with every passing minute of our lives? Or is it because we seek the knowledge that we are financially¬†well provided for, for the rest of our lives and cannot bear the thought of it being otherwise? Are our lives by the same business mindset which runs our offices?

There is nothing wrong with doing useful things that add value. Nothing wrong at all. It is a great & much sought after quality, actually. The concern is that have we become so obsessed with value that we have started defining ourselves and our lives by it?

The reason why I’m asking so many annoying questions is because a lack of answer to these questions sabotages the creative instinct available to each one of us.


You are so preoccupied with your deadlines, your presentations and meetings that you have forgotten that perhaps there is a plant in your balcony that is need of watering because it is bearing red roses.

You have forgotten this and perhaps many other things. Like how you enjoy playing music, solving the rubic’s cube, doing the daily crossword, playing knots and crosses, doodling in your notebook, making paper cuttings in weird shapes, making pencil sketches …

The list is different for each one. The sad truth is that many times we don’t even remember what we enjoy doing and what are the things that channelize our natural flow of creative ideas. Even if you remember what you enjoy and are not able to do it, it is okey. Sooner or later you will find the time for it. But if you don’t even remember it, the issue is grave.

These are the little little things of life that makes us who we are, apart from the job tiles.

To get out of this rut, something needs to be done. Something concrete, which starts erasing the habit of doing everything for value addition.

One way of tackling this problem is to schedule one task every day that does not add any financial value to you. It need not be something big and earth shattering. It can be something as small as sharpening your pencils in funny designs. But this needs to be practiced rigorously everyday, because our minds are stuck on schedules and anything that is not on the agenda misses its place in our lives as well.

So, pick up any task, or set of tasks that you like and which allow your flow of ideas, no matter how silly, to come out and get expressed. And make it a point to do one of these tasks everyday, by the calendar.


Do you have any other way of getting out of the rut?

Dis this technique help you in any way? Share in the comments below!


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