“Go after it with a club”, was Jack London’s policy, on getting inspired.

What’s yours?

Inspiration happens on its own often times. But more often times, you have to make it happen.

Find interesting things. Take time out for your daily dose of inspiration, wherever it may be. It might be having coffee at a really fancy place, or taking a walk in a boulevard, or checking out cool graphic art websites. Or it might sinking in a couch with your favourite novel. What is it that gets you all bright, chirpy and peppy ? Think about it.

What really is inspiration? It is anything that puts you in a high mood of positivity and possibility. Which gives you courage, hope and stirs your imagination. Anything that gets you excited about doing something in life.

When you do things out of inspiration, it always leads you to higher and higher possibilities.

When you do things out of frustration, it only leads you to lesser possibilities. You limit your own possibilities when you act out of frustration, rather than inspiration.

Frustration need not be suppressed. It need only be washed away with the strength of inspiration. Frustration is something that happens when things don’t go your way, or don’t promise to go your way. Inspiration is what tells you that just because things don’t seem to be going your way, doesn’t mean they are going wrong.

That is why, it is important to set aside guilt-free time for exploring things that get you out of mundane thoughts, and get you wanting to try new ways of looking at life.

The time u spend in sulking is the opposite of the time u spend in inspiring yourself. You can always make a choice about what you want to do when you hit that low, that dark spot in the timeline of your successes and failures.

Don’t wait for things and people to come and inspire you. Go after it with a club.

Flickr Photo by Niels Linneberg

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