Creativity is like a gush of an emotion. Like the flow of a river.

If you stop it, if you don’t give it an outlet, it will not be able to flow with all its joy and might.

It is often seen, that creative people are creative by habit, and people who think they are not creative are not creative by habit. The people who rank as the more creative type, are found to do almost everything creatively – how they eat they food, how they fold their clothes, what they put in their room, how they they spin their pens – the list is endless.

Most people (faultingly) think that it is because these people are more creative by “character” that they are creative in everything. Actually, it is the other way round. Because some people try to express their creativity in every small and big thing in their life, whenever they can, they find it much easier to express their creativity in the areas of life that others look at – like their jobs. They suffer from fewer creative blocks. They don’t pause and stop their creativity from unfolding in the trivial and important things both.

Creativity can and should be nurtured. The way to do that is to make  it a practice to never stop it.

I have seen many people come up with many creative thoughts and ideas. But they never act on it. They brush it aside as something “stupid” or something “not worthwhile”. I often wonder exactly who is the one deciding that something is “stupid” or “not worthwhile”. The only one I could see was the people themselves! They brush aside their ideas before anyone else can!

The more you stand by your creative side, the more it will begin to feel “natural’. The more your resist your own creativity, the more it will feel like a one time miracle in your life.

Creativity can and should be a way of life. When it becomes a way of life, life itself paves the way for more creative endeavours. The more it is pushed down, the more life pushes you to do things that don’t require any creativity.

The choice is always in your own hands. Choose creativity. Choose the creative in you.


Flickr Photo by Angus MacRae

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