Are you bored?

(Isn’t everyone, at some time or the other?)

The mainstream thinking tells us that boredom is a sign of drained out creativity. That might be true – sometimes. Some other times, it means you are on the threshold of a creative breakthrough.

Many times, a breakthrough in thinking, approach, lifestyle and life itself is not possible unless you are perfectly bored of the way things in your life look to you right now.

No, I am not glorifying boredom. No one likes boredom, let’s admit it. But does it happen to people? That’s a rhetorical question.

How can this shift from boring to creative happen?

When you acknowledge that you are bored – bored of your routine, your habits, your way of doing things, the way things look around you and any thing else you might possibly be bored of. Acknowledging boredom is a giant step in the direction that leads to making affirmative changes in big and small things.

Believe it or not, many people who are bored don’t even realize that they are bored. Many people are bored and have become accustomed to it. They begin to believe that this is how life is meant to be. They believe that they can have only so much joy and change in life; that their own life can afford them only so much excitement. Maybe others’ lives are more fun, but it’s not possible for them.

When someone lives with this belief, no change or breakthrough is possible even if you are bored to the point of sleepwalking through life.

The Patient Boredom

When you are bored and fed up of being bored, your mind automatically revolts against the rut. A recent scientific study performed on a group of people who were given boring tasks, proved that people have a bigger capacity to think creatively when they are bored.

You start looking for new ways of doing everything, from the way your room is decorated, to the way you go to work, to what you do with your food, to how you spend your free time. All that is needed is an intention, a desire, a will to recognize that a change is needed and only you can make it happen.

And that is how boredom can lead to creativity. Nothing fancy, a simple step towards thinking outside of the “box” of your lifestyle.

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Science Daily: Being Bored at Work Can Make Us More Creative

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The Conversion from Boring to Creative

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